By Madeline M.
Grade 4, Tennessee
Country of Origin: India

Madeline: Where are you from? Veeresa: I am from India. Madeline: How old were you when you came to America? Veeresa: I was 27 years old when I came here. I am 32 years old now. Madeline: Why did you come to our country? Veeresa: I came to live better and be a post doctoral student and research the actions of medications. Madeline: When did you come here? Veeresa: I came in 1999. Madeline: What was it like when you first arrived? Veeresa: It was comforatable, people are friendly and the cities and schools are well planned out. Madeline: Was it hard adjusting? Veeresa: Yes it was. The climate is different. Memphis is cold. Madeline: What is the weather like in India? Veeresa: India has tropical weather. Madeline: Has it been hard to adjust in any other way? Veeresa: The food in the United States is different. I don't eat meat so it is often hard to find things to cook. I cannot find many of the spices I had in India. Madeline: What is the time difference between the US and India? Veeresa: It is dark in India when it is light here so that was hard to adjust to in the beginning and when I go home to visit. Madeline: Do you plan to go back to live in India. Veeresa: Not right now but maybe someday. Madeline: Are you a US citizen? Veeresa: No, but I am in the process of becoming one.

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