By Brianna W.
Grade 4, Tennessee
Country of Origin: Canada

IMMIGRATION The following is an interview with Anne Burton, Briannas great-grandmother. She is now 88 years old. Brianna Where are you originally from? Anne Toronto, Canada Brianna What year did you come to America? Anne 1942 Brianna Why did you come to America? Anne I got married to an American citizen. I got tired of being questioned at the border every time I went back to Canada, so I got my citizenship. There were eight people who received their citizenship when I did. After the ceremony we went to a banquet and received a flag and a trophy. Brianna What do you like best about America? Anne It is a lot like Canada, stores are open even on Sundays. Brianna What do you miss most about Canada? Anne When I first came here, I missed my family and the snow. Brianna What was the hardest thing to adjust to? Anne I had to live with my husbands family. It was very difficult to adjust to living with strangers in a strange country. Brianna How old were you when you came to America? Anne I was twenty-nine years old, and a new bride. Brianna What American food did you like best? Anne I liked fried chicken. I had never had that in Canada. Brianna Would you like to go back to Canada? Anne No, I like it better here. Brianna When you first came to America, where did you live? Anne When I first got here, I lived in Steele, Mo. This was during World War II and there was very little to do. After the war we moved to Memphis, TN where my husband took a new job.

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