By Joe  H.
Grade 4, Tennessee
Country of Origin: Sweden

Immigrant Interview Joe: ˘How long ago did you come to the U.S.?÷ Dr.Leung: ˘I came in 1979, 25 years ago.÷ Joe: ˘Do you miss your country of origin?÷ Dr.Leung: ˘No, I donĂt miss Sweden, but I miss my friends and the summers since there so nice.÷ Joe: ˘Do you like it better here?÷ Dr.Leung:÷ Yes, because there are different cultures and races.÷ Joe:÷ Do you think immigrants are treated fairly here?÷ Dr.Leung: ˘I think that most are but it depends on politics and what is happening.÷ Joe: ˘Do you wish you had immigrated somewhere else?÷ Dr.Leung: ˘Sort of because I like Hong Kong.÷ Joe: ˘Do you remember what you took to get here?÷ Dr.Leung: ˘Yes, I took a plane to get here.÷ Joe: ˘Were you excited when you excited when you were coming?÷ Dr.Leung: ˘I was very excited to come here. Joe: ˘Why÷. Dr. Leung: ˘It was because some of my friends were here and I was going to go to school here.÷ Joe: ˘Do you think it was worth coming here?÷ Dr. Leung: ˘Yes, because f I hadnĂt than Lukas my son wouldnĂt be here.÷ Joe: ˘Do you think you wouldĂve come here if you knew what it was like?÷ Dr.Leung: ˘So I wouldnĂt of come and stayed here if my friends werenĂt here and if I hadnĂt seen my would be husband.÷

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