By Eric T.
Grade 7, Pennsylvania

My granny was 15 years old, and wasnĘt old enough to get a war job. She did contribute to the war by collecting scrap metal, and buying war bonds. My grandpa on the other hand had a war job and was later deferred to the Navy. Throughout the interview she recalled having several blackouts, when everyone had to turn off all their lights, they were so passing planes could not see them. She loved to go to the theatre where she would see a cartoon, the movie, and a news reel witch showed the latest news in the war. Luckily for her no friends or relatives were hurt or killed in the war, although my Uncle Sal who was in the Pacific working for a hospital got sick. He only had to stay in a hospital for a few weeks, though, and he wasnĘt that bad he just had some bad food and water. Those were the memories of my grandmother.

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