By Abigail R.
Grade 3, Georgia

When I was with my mom I had to help her with the food. She had to cook supper,lunch, breakfast too. It makes me happy not fight or hit my sister and brothers. I went to America because my brothers and I wanted to forget about the tears of our mothers death. We wanted to change our lives. When there was bad weather I would sometimes swim but my mom would not let me go. I would go through a window from my mom's room and go swimming but when she found out that I went swiming guess what? I would get a wiping because I went with out asking. When I was a teenager, I worked hard and did not go to school, because my mom did not have enough money to pay the school.So I did not go to school. I had to work. I worked hard until I was a grown person ,I had to still work. Before my mom died, I took care of her and worked again. my pet was a rooster it had green and red feathers too. People would celebrate Pinatas,cakes,and even with fireworkers. And the best part is in December and Years Day. So that's how my life was like when t used to be a kid, teenager, and grown up.

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