By C.J. B.
Grade 3, Georgia

I carried my five babies for thirty-one and a half weeks. I had a c-section. It didn`t hurt to have a c-section but after. I stayed in the hospital for two months. The babies didn`t come home with me. Hunter stayed for two weeks, Tal three weeks, Ben and Luke four weeks. It was harder to have five than one. I found out that I was going to have four babies at six weeks. Then at fifteen weeks I found out I was going to have five. At first I went to the doctor every two weeks, then every week. The difference of having five babies is that you get a lot bigger. I have gotten a lot of good stuff for having five babies. The biggest thing was that they brought free formula and baby food in a semi-truck. Their birthday is March sixth. I have had all kinds of birthday parties for them. A carnival, pirate, skating, bowling, and a fish fry to name a few. They have been on T.V., in a newspaper, and in a magazine. I didnĘt have a large family like now. I only had two sisters.

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