New York

By Yoshika a.
Grade 7, New York
Country of Origin: Algeria

She grew up with a perfect life,perfect childhood. But then it was no longer safe. Some of her friends and family were killed. Itall turned upside down more and more as her homeland got more dangerous. If she dosen't leave now her life won't be guarenteed. They may catch her. What is she going to do? this was the question Ilhem Chebout was faced with during the political war vin algeria. Along with many others she had to leave her job as a reporter and start her life all over again. What follows is more of Ilhem's reasons for her immigration and how she dealt with it. I had a very happy childhood. I was a happy kid, had everything. No problem at all. It was okay until the problem started, the civil war. We had an islamic party in 1991 that had won some elections. At that time the government didn't want them to win, so they stopped the election (which was against the democracy). The other party was so mad they started killing politicians, doctors aqnd reporters and i was a reporter there. Wec stayed for five years waiting. maybe it's going to get better. But it didn't get better, it got worse. i waited until the last minute to leave when i saw that friends of mine and some of my family were killed. Then I couldn't take that chance. That's why I had to leave and goto France. I went from being a single person to getting married and becoming a mother of 2. I also have a job at an American company. Everything is completley different. I'm another person. i think about going back to Algeria to live but as much as I want to I cannot. I couldn't all over agin. I'd have to regain my position. Slowly make my way to the top again. I just couldn't do that. I feel grateful to be here. here you can do anything if you put your mind to it. In Algeria I had a college education and a good job. But no freedom yo do my job. here you have that freedom.

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