By Kristen room36 D.
Grade 6, Arizona

A 75-year-old man named Edwin R. tells me his memory in War World II. Ed was a Paratrooper in the First Air Borne Division. He fought in 3 countries, France, Southern Germany, and Austria. On route to France, in 1944 about 3 days into the out in the sea, in a convoy, the ship was struck and sunk, the cause was because of a huge Atlantic storm. Over 300 soldiers were lost. What had happened was the right ship lost control and cut off the front of his ship. The first 2 holes were cut off. He was in the third hole. The U.S.A Navy post craft rescued the survivors.

In 1945, Ed was 19+ years old, and they were sent to rescue a Concentration Camp in Dachau, Germany on March 1945. It was his saddest moment. He said it was the most horrible thing he had ever seen. The smell was so bad that they had to wear gas masks. He said it looked like bodies paled up on trucks and on the ground.

He also went into the towns of Germany and once they got into the towns they set up there tanks and warned the town people to get of town out in one day. After the people got out of town, they blew up and burned the towns they went through. After they were done, they loaded up the tanks and trucks and left to another town. He also stood guard at Eagle∆s Nest in Berchesgaden.

My grandmother could remember when she was a little girl in Scotland. Her mother told her when she said when planes flew over, she was to get home as fast as she could.

Learning about what they did to the Jewish people was horrible, and how people had to run for their life day by day wondering if the Germans would kill the people for no reason. So I learned and I enjoyed the stories.

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