By Lindsay T.
Grade 6, Arizona

World War II

It was a warm, summer morning, as the sun was rising on October 15, about 1935. My grandfather, Reginald went to go to school as on a normal day, his mother came from downstairs, and stopped him. She had thought that he knew about the risks of them leaving the house, because of his best friend Sam Martino, who was Jewish.

He remembers the exact words his mother told him which were: ˘You get back her boy, me and your father have decided not to let you out of out sight! You stay here with us!÷ He looked at his mother with aw. ˘WhatĂs going on here? This doesnĂt make sense, why am I in trouble this time?÷ He said. She looked at him sadly, and said ˘come over here with me.÷ They walked over and sat down on the wooden stools they had. She told him the story about how Hitler and the Germans were after the Jews. Then, Reggie was terrified for his friend Sam.

He told me how his memories make him want to cry, especially the night that the Germans took his friend to a concentration camp. They lived in Massachusetts, and the camp they took Sam to was many miles away. He told me that his education was effected strongly, because he didnĂt get one, until after the war. He said it affected many of the menĂsĂ educations, because they were all serving in War!

His favorite thing was to go down to the market and buy a gumball for 1 cent. Because of the rationings, he could not go get gumballs, because things like sugar were rationed as well as rubber, gasoline, shoes, and womenĂs nylon stockings. He told me that he was told to make explosives with the sugar and gasoline. His girlfriend, Sally Guestriz was sent to work in a defense plant, building ships!

After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the US declared war on Japan. Within a few days, Germany and Italy declared war on the US. This created a big impact on his family life and his love life. His girlfriend and him split up, because they never spent time together and he had moved to Pensacola, Florida to fight.

My grandfather said: ˘War is a terrible thing, but the younger generations do not understand the prejudices that my generation has against the Japanese, and the Germans because our loved ones were taken away or killed during this second great war.

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