By Shayne B.
Grade 3, Georgia

My Papa was an Aviation Maintenance Director for AFLAC. He was and still is a mechanic. He worked on airplanes for 15 years at AFLAC before becoming the Maintenance Director. My Papa got to be a mechanic because he really liked airplanes. My Papa worked for 46 years. My Papa said, ˘ The most fun was just being around the airplanes and knowing it was fixed properly.÷ My Papa doesnĂt really like the hours and being away from his family. My Papa got training in the Navy and went to school to learn new stuff through his career. I asked my Papa what he did in his job. He said, ˘A lot of stuff like cleaning the toilet, replacing engines, repairing parts, electrical wires, radios, propellers, changing tires, and making new parts that werenĂt available.÷ My Papa says he really didnĂt meet any famous people but I know he did. Technology has changed a lot. ˘There wasnĂt any computers, private jets were only propeller driven. There wasnĂt a lot of navigation. Pilots relied on maps most of the time and the way they saw out of the window÷, Papa said. My Papa says he couldnĂt pick another profession. He says, ˘I thought about being a car or airplane designer but I couldnĂt because I didnĂt go to collage.÷

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