By Anisha G.
Grade 8, Maine

In doing this project I got to know a wonderful lady. Her name was Elizabeth she was born august 23, 1923. She was 16 years old when World War 11 started. She was born in Waterville Maine at Sisters Hospital which is now called Seton Hospital. during World War 11 she was in Vassalboro Maine taking care of her little brother because her mom, dad and grandparents had to work because of the hard times. There was no money and coming by any types of materials to cook with or use to prepare things with was difficult. During the interview she told me the things she remembered most was that the food was rationed and gas stamps were used in order for people to get the material things they needed. Food was very scarce and the corn muffins were made out of cattle grain due to the lack of food availability. The main source of food was the food grown in the family garden. I learned that people were scared that their loved ones may not come home. People were even more scared that if their loved one came home would they be okay? Would a limb be missing? Would they have been effected by the bombs? People were worried and frightened due to the changes and the lack of resources that were available. I talked to this woman for an hour and the thing I remember most about her was the war effected her father and he could not use fire crakers or deal with thunder due to shell shock from being in World War 1. I just fell right in love with this woman. She let me see through her eyes tiny glimpes of her past that made me realize just how lucky I have been to not have to go through a war like these. I fell in love with this lady and she treated me like I was part of her family. She was open and kind. I thanked her for her time, but could not really express how much her sincerity and kindness came through in her words and expressions of trials and tribulations during the war.

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