By Daniel T.
Grade 4, Maryland
Country of Origin: Peru

For my Oral History Report I interviewed Miriam from Lima, Peru, South America. She has been here eleven years and came when she was twenty-eight years old. She took a plane to Miami, and then got a connection to Baltimore. She came here with only her husband, Alberto, and has no other relatives living in Maryland. They came here looking for better professional opportunities. She had to leave behind pictures, toys, and books because they were too heavy. She brought Peruvian art to decorate her house. When she arrived she stayed in an apartment near a Maryland hospital. She was treated well in the U.S. except others couldn't understand her because she spoke Spanish instead of English. Her favorite place to visit was the mall because Lima didn't have malls at the time. Her favorite time in Baltimore was spring because of the flowers. The adjustments she had to make were driving in traffic, following directions in English, trying not to get lost, dressing for cold weather, and learning new customs. She still doesnĘt like that she canĘt take long walks in winter and she misses the variety of fruits in South America. The similarities are that Lima and Baltimore are both big busy cities, people work long hours, and have the same goals. People try to get together with their family, get a good education, get a professional job, and buy a house. One of the holidays she celebrated differently in Lima was Christmas. Miriam and her family would have a big dinner like the dinner we have for Thanksgiving. Then they would open their presents at midnight. Finally, they would celebrate all night long, and then go to the beach after breakfast. She is not yet a citizen, but she's working on it. I asked Miriam what one of the nicest things to happen to her in the U.S. was. She said,

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