By JJ G.
Grade 6, Arizona

Radar Specialist

There are many brave, and interesting stories about WWII, but this is probably the most interesting story IĂve ever heard. Its about
George H. Fathauer, an Ensign USN. He was born in October 17, 1921 in Decatur, Illinois. He was about 23 years old when he was aboard a battleship. Day to day life for Mr. Fathauer was living aboard a ship, which he said, ˘Ówas similar to living in a dormitory in college.÷

His happiest memory was the ending of the war in 1945. The war changed his decision about working for someone to being independent, by owning his own business, and being an inventor. Here is a story I want to tell you about:

George Fathauer was a radar tester and he was doing his work in the dark, at night. One night, he had sailed 30 miles into the Atlantic to meet a heavy cruiser to talk about the results of testing that was already done. He was ordered to put a heavy coat on to ride in a small boat to the cruiser. It was dangerous, because the waves took them 15 ft. up in the air. The cruiser was heavy, so it wasnĂt moving. He had to wait at the crest of the water to jump to a smaller boat or else heĂd drown. They climbed down the rope to get to the cruiser. They had to repeat the test over and over on the way back.

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