New York

By Molly P.
Grade 7, New York
Country of Origin: Egypt

As excited as she had been to come to America, she still missed her life back in Egypt. I mostly missed my cousins around me all the time, because in California I have no cousins. And I missed being able to go to the apartment next to me, and it was my cousinĂs. There are two apartments on each floor; everyone in the whole building was family, so you can go up and down the whole building and it was safe. In the United States, living in a house, you have to watch yourself when you cross the street to get to your neighborĂs. I miss the big parties all the time, Šcause there were always parties in Egypt. And living in Cairo, itĂs a big city like New York. I was in second grade, so IĂm not sure why I went to the theater all the time, but we would go watch plays or musicals. When I got to California, we were in the suburbs and we didnĂt have that much money, so, cultural stuff was far away. I remember thinking, ˘How come we canĂt go to the theater anymore?÷ and I probably sounded like a snob, but, I remember really, really missing that. And dancing. I really missed belly-dancing with the whole family, cause most of my friends in California didnĂt really belly dance all the time.

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