New York

By Molly P.
Grade 7, New York
Country of Origin: Egypt

Soon enough, it was moving day for the Hamzas. I remember the whole family¨¨this is very typical in Egyptian families¨¨the whole family being at the airport when we left, and tons of stuff with us. My dad went a couple of months ahead of us, to get our house ready and everything so my mom was stuck with my sister and I in the airport. I remember just tons of stuff, because you know, we were moving¨¨it wasnĂt like, ˘Oh weĂre just going on a little trip.÷ And I remember being stuck in the airport, my sister and I crying, my mom crying because she didnĂt know what to do with us because we were fighting. I was about eight and Yasmeen was five so I think we were just stressed out. I remember just being excited but not knowing why everyone was really crying, and I think at that age I didnĂt really understand that we were moving forever, this was it. If I came back to Egypt it would be just for a visit or something. Those are the things that stand out in my head: the whole family being there, us fighting in the airport, and my mom crying. When I think about it, my mom doesnĂt really cry; IĂve probably seen her cry three times in my whole life, and that was one of them.

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