New York

By Molly P.
Grade 7, New York
Country of Origin: Egypt

Dahlia firmly believes that no matter what, the move was a positive part of her life. I would still have definitely moved here. I guess I wouldĂve changed¨¨maybe have my parents explain to me how big this move was going to be. Maybe they did and I donĂt remember because I was so young, and not really able to understand. But I think overall itĂs made me become a better person. I remember one incident before I left where we had a housekeeper, and I think I was really mean to her. I donĂt remember, but my family said I was a huge snob. And I donĂt know how big of a snob I couldĂve been in the first and second grade, but my parents said I didnĂt treat her nicely and all of that. And after moving to the United States and kind of seeing how people live, that donĂt have a lot of money, and might have to clean other peopleĂs houses¨¨itĂs really made me sensitive to it. I think having gone through that experience of not having money when we first came, and not being able to have what we wanted¨¨like we did in Egypt¨¨really made me change the way I think. Now, IĂm totally in the opposite end where IĂm extra careful about peopleĂs feelings and extra sensitive about it. ItĂs changed my lifestyle; IĂm more open to things that are different from me¨¨where as when I lived in Egypt, everyone who was around me was Egyptian. We all spoke the same language. But here I get to experience new things of new cultures. I can go eat at different restaurants, I can go see different performances. So, I think itĂs made me more aware of the world thatĂs around me, and more open to people of different social classes. When I go home to Egypt and see my cousins, they only hang out with other people who have money. And I probably wouldĂve been just like them. I love them, but itĂs not the lifestyle I wouldĂve wanted for myself. So I think the move was definitely for the good. Overall, having seen the two countries and being brought up with two cultures, I probably wouldnĂt live anywhere else. I realize, like, America has so much to offer and itĂs what you make of it, and thatĂs what I love about it here. Of course times I get upset, being from a third world country, and when I go to Egypt and see how poor people are, and kids that are working at the age of five, it makes me think, ˘God, why does America have all this wealth and not other countries?÷ and that makes me sad. But I love it here and I wouldnĂt live anywhere else... not permanently anyways.

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