By Henry Z.
Grade 4, Other

The Townsend Acts were the main reason why the American Revolution started. Charles Townsend, the Chancellor of the Exchequer (the British financial department), convinced the entire parliament (the British government) force the 13 Colonies to obey a series of laws. These were called the Townsend acts. These laws were taxes on the import into America of a large variety of goods, including lead, paper, glass, and tea. This was done because Townsend wanted to have more money to govern the Americans and to pay for wars Britain was fighting elsewhere. Naturally, the colonists were furious and rebelled. In response, king George III Sent much more troops to America. But instead of crushing the protests, the troops made them worse. With the troops, the colonistí»s protests became more and more violent, Way more than before. Although the British were the ones that were responsible for these incidents.

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