By Casey S.
Grade 6, Arizona


It began as a beautiful sunny morning that would end with thousands of fathers, sons, and even mothers that would be drafted in the war and die serving their country, so that we could live a happy life.

One of these fathers happened to be George Stachowiak. He thought nothing could go wrong after having Barbara, a beautiful little baby girl and married to a lovely lady named Elaine. But something did go wrong after WWI! Germany was not happy with America so they started another war. George would have to enter this war and leave his family behind until he could do what he could for his country and his family.

At this time George's family was praying for George's life. George would then go to the United States training school. He practiced all he could, so that he knew he could survive in the real war. Next, George went and found what he would do to help his country. He became oil King on the USS 147. Then after two years this handsome brave young man would go home to his wife and child knowing that he did the best thing he could do for America.
George is now 80 years old and is still married. He has two children, 3 grandchildren and a whole bunch of great-grand children. One including me, Casey James Shoemaker, and I am still thanking my Great-grand father for doing all he had to do to make a better world for us.

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