By Boricua F.
Grade 9, Illinois
Country of Origin: Puerto Rico

My Life By Boricua ESL Communication 2 May 7, 2004 This autobiography is about me. First I will give background information about me. Then I will talk about my experience immigrating to the U.S. Last I will discuss my life living in the U.S. I am Boricua. I am 15 years old. I am Puerto Rican. I was born in Chicago. In my family there are 4 people. I have 1 brother. My favorite sport is basketball. My favorite food is pizza. I like to buy clothes. My hobbies are listening to music, riding my bike or playing basketball for fun. I also like to ride horses. When I came to the U.S, I arrived with my family. I came to the U.S, because my father had to be a pastor. I was 12 years old when I came here. I was sad, because I left my other family in Puerto Rico and also I was scared, because I didnÆt speak English. The weather was cold and there was hard wind when I arrived, because it was in the winter when I got here. Also I was tired, because the trip was 4 hours. I arrived here in a airplane and I didnÆt have problems here, because IÆm a citizen of the U.S. I feel good in there 2 years and 4 months that I have been here. The weather is good in the summer, but in the winter it is too cold. I have more opportunities here like, learning English, and better jobs for my career. Maybe I could be architect or athletes. I miss my family in Puerto Rico, but one day we are going to be together.

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