By Angie R.
Grade 11, Illinois
Country of Origin: Ecuador

ś∆MY AUTOBIOGRAPHY∆∆ by Angie ESL Communications II May 7, 2004 This Autobiography is about my life. First I will give background information about my life. Then I∆ll talk about my experience immigrating to the US. Last I will discuss my life living in the US. I am Angie I∆m from Ecuador and I∆m a student from High School I∆m 16 years old. I like to play basketball because is my favorite sport. I have black hair and dark brown eyes .My hobby is listening music. My favorite music is Hispanic music which is called Bachata and Merengue. My favorite food is shrimp salad and fish soup. My family is small I have one brother and one sister. I∆m catholic and I∆m a good person with everybody. My experience coming to the US. Was happy, because I came in airplane. I came with my grandma and my uncle. I came to the US. for a better future, to learn English and to work hard to get a career. It took 12hrs to get from Ecuador to the US. I∆ll always remember my trip, because it was moment of sadness and happiness because I left behind my family from Ecuador , friends and teachers hat I appreciate a lot also my teachers that always have gave me good advice. However for one thing I was happy because I was going to meet my parents, brother and sister, because I haven∆t see them in a long time because my parents left me in Ecuador with my grandma for they could came to the US. I was a baby and I didn∆t had the ś∆papers∆∆. This was my best moment of happiness and sadness the my experience coming to the US. I have been living in the US. for one year and five months. I∆m learning English in High School. The difference between the US. and Ecuador is the culture, food and language. In Ecuador we speak Spanish and in the US. we speak English. In Ecuador we eat a different taste how chicken with rice and the food in the US. is pizza, hamburger and others food.

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