By Karl O.
Grade 6, Arizona

Battle of World War II

It was Jan.11, 2001, when I interviewed one of our fighters of World War II. My Grandpa, Vern Leroy Orr. He was drafted, and he fought on his time to help our country along with thousands of other people. He told me all about how there were extrodernary times, awful times, and horrible times. All of it came to a surprise. Like the battle of Ocawagea was a critical time and a critical fight. Everybody had someone that was there friend or a family relative die.

There was tire rationing, gas rationing, and everyone had a gas-rationing card. There were an A, B, and C card. The A card meant you got a descant amount of gas. The B card meant you got a little amount of gas, and the C card meant you were a farmer and you could get this amount of what you really needed.

Before World War II started, Lucky Strike cigarettes had a green package. Then the War started, and they had to change their green package to the color white, reason for that was all the soldiers needed the green dye for there uniforms.

When World War II ended in 1945, America had lost 57,000 people. But we ended with victory and the Battle of World War II was over.

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