By anahi a.
Grade 10, Illinois
Country of Origin: Mexico

˘My Life÷ By Viviana ESL Communications II May 7, 2004 IĂm going to give you some information of myself. Later I will describe one of my experiences coming to United States. How was it and what I learn. Finally how my life is now living in Chicago and what makes my life special living in here in United States My name is Anahi, IĂm Mexican like the rest of my family. In my family there are seven members, 4 brothers, my mother, father, and of course me. ItĂs a great family. My native language is Spanish. When IĂm alone I like to listen to music, eat Chinese food, and how my life will change. I will see me in a few years later. Maybe I will have a small family, but I am specially thinking about collage and a great job. When I tried to come to United States my first challenge was to leave my country and grandfather. I lived at the border for two years, and to cross the border it was hard. I tried two months to cross. Finally, I crossed the border whit my aunt and 10 other men. We were the only womanĂs there. I was really scared, and tired. We only ate bread and drunken water for two days and two nights. A special thing that I learned from this experience was that sometimes we have to scarify somethingĂs to get other ones. Now I have lived for three years in Chicago. The people and the weather sometimes are great, and sometimes arenĂt. I live with my small family and IĂm happy. What I learn in Chicago is that I have a lot of opportunities to survive and be a better person. My first great opportunity is to finish my high school and learn English. If one of these days I have to leave Chicago, there will be something that I wonĂt ever forget; that is since I started living in Chicago my life complete change. I changed the way I lived; learn a new language, and new cultures. This change is really good for me now, and for my future.

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