By john p.
Grade 11, Illinois
Country of Origin: Peru

NEW EXPERIENCE This oral history is about my self.First I will talk about my life. Then I will talk about my experience in the airplane and when I came to the U.S because this was my first travel. Last I will discuss my life living in the U.S. BACKGROUND INFORMATION. My name is John. IĈm from Peru. IĈm 16 years old. IĈm Christian. I study in the clemente high school. My dream is to be a professional. I like to play soccer and baseball. In my free time I like to play video games. COMING TO THE U.S I came to the U.S on October 5. We came to the U.S because we want a better life for our family. When I came here, I felt good. My trip was new for me, because I never traveled by airplane. When I was in the airplane, I was excited and a little nervous, but later I forget about being nervous and enjoyed the travel. LIVING IN THE U.S IĈm so happy to live here. Because in this country I donĈt need nothing for example like clothes and snickers and other things. I get 1 year and 5 months living in the U.S. I like the food like pizza, subway, burger king this food was different for me. I live with my mother and sister. My moon has many jobs and more opportunities. At the beginning. I like the snow, but now I donĈt like the snow. I like the school because it is more fun because the school is easier and I get many friends. I like the people because they are nice with me. Sometimes I miss my family and my country, but I know that I will return to my country very soon. I want to visit my family and after that return to the U.S.

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