By carlos g.
Grade 11, Illinois
Country of Origin: Ecuador

This oral history is about carlos .first I will give background information about my life. Then I will talk about my experience immigrating to the U.S. last I will discuss living in the U.S. I come from Ecuador, I speak Spanish. I am 17 years old. I am students. I play soccer. I am catholic. I like reggetonn , salsa music. I am a dance I like sea food. I like coca cola. I came to the U.S in March 23, 2002. I was 15 years old. I came with my brother. My trio was to lone. When I was coming her I was feeling bad because I live to much. My trio during 8 hours was to lone. Now living here, I live with my father and my brothers. I donĘt like in here because I donĘt go out I stay in home a time. I live a lone my mother and my friend who live in Ecuador. I want to return to Ecuador when I were graduated. Because I want to graduate from high school. My dreams is to go to collage and study PSYchologist.

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