By Nelhy H.
Grade 10, Illinois
Country of Origin: Cuba

This Oral story is about my autobiography. First I will write the background information about my life. Then I will talk about my experience coming to the U.S. . Last I will discuss about my life living in the United States. My name is Nelhy H. IĈm 15 years old. IĈm from Cuba. IĈm student in high school. Sometimes I go to my friendĈs house to see funny movies, because I like it. In my free time I like to go to swim. My favorite food is mashed potato. My dream is I will a famous singer. I like to talk with my friends and be together with my family. On July, 9 months ago, I came to the U.S. with my mother and brother, because the way the my mother, brother and I got to the United States was through a visa raffle. This is a contract between Cuba and U.S. , so Cubans are able to come to the U.S. without being chased by the cops or the migra. So this raffle gave us the opportunity to come to the U.S. . It also is giving a lot of other Cubans the choice to come to the U.S. This raffle is pick a family every year. You have to sing up so they could pick you. We have the luck of being picked, because they got more than 1 000 visas each year .Went we were picked, then we started making all the changes and the process you have to do to be able to come to the U.S. . This was hard, because the process is very slow. We came on an airplane to begin a new life, and also, because my mother wanted a better future for all of us. I left a lot of loving people behind. But it is ok, because I know that little by little IĈm going to be able to have a better life. Now, IĈm living in Chicago and I like it. I live with my mom and brother. The weather is nice. I like the summer, because the winter is very cold. IĈm in a school where I have new friends. The teachers are nice, some classes are interesting and IĈm learning English little by little. The traditions here are nice, I like Halloween, because there is not Halloween in Cuba. I will stay here in Chicago for a lot at time. IĈm studying in the future to become a famous singer.

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