By Aridayliz C.
Grade 9, Illinois
Country of Origin: Puerto Rico

This oral is about a student Aridayliz. First I will give background information about my life. Then I will talk about my experience coming to U.S. Last I will discuss my life living in the U.S. My name is Aridayliz, I am 17 years old. IĈm from P.R. and my native language is Spanish, but now I speak a little bit of English. I like practice volleyball and dance a lot. My family is big and united. I have 1 brother and 1 sister. They live in P.R. with my mom. When I came to U.S. I was 16 years old. I came by airplane with my aunt. I came to U.S. for a new experience and to learn English in the school. I feel really sad, because my grandma and my mom were in P.R. The trip was easy, but I was very tired. My experience in the U.S. is very nice, because I found news friends and in my school I know new teachers very nice for example MS. Troiano. I have lived with my aunt for 7 months in U.S. now I am 17 years old. I learn English. It is not a difficult, but it is sometimes very hard. I go back to P.R. on June 22, because I miss my mother and my all family. I donĈt like the weather in Chicago. Chicago is different from P.R. because the weather in P.R. is always hot. Chicago has public transportation 24 hour and not in P.R. I miss to much my friends and my teachers because I love them.

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