By Kelly H.
Grade 5, Maryland

My grandmother, Doreatha, lived in Hookerton, North Carolina in Green County during the Second World War. She was 9 years old when the Second World War started (she was born in 1930) and was 15 years old when it ended. She remembers when they had black-outs. When black-outs happened, everyone hung black curtains and turned out all of their lights. The people in her town did that so when the enemy planes flew over, they would not know that people were there to bomb. Also the people did that so when the planes flew over, the planes would not attack the town. It was very scary for a girl her age to have to sit in the dark for hours at a time not knowing if her town would be bombed. But luckily , after a couple of hours, they could turn their lights on and take down the black curtains. That is what my grandmother remembers most about the Second World War.

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