By Sammi B.
Grade 6, Arizona

World War II Memories

Gertrude ˘Trudy÷ Clark Kuhlman, was 25 when she joined the war and 28 when she was released. A graduate from the University of Pennsylvania, she was able to work with the early computers that filled a whole room.

Next, came basic training in Daytona Beach, Florida. Basic training brought participating in World War II a little bit closer. It also helped with getting up early and learning to march on the beach.

Now that she had gone through basic training and knew how to work with ballistics and missiles, she was ready to go. She admitted to me that the scariest thing she had to do was prove to the men that she could do the job, and that the best thing that happened was she met her husband, George Kuhlman.

Everyday life in the war, for her, was pretty normal. Besides her job, she worked at Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland. Her job was to work with 105 missiles or ballistics. She woke up at 5:30 and had revelry at 6:00. She also had to share a bathroom with twenty other girls, and there were no curtains on the showers. They would march to the mess hall and they had formation parades on Saturday.

Trudie included that their meals were pretty normal too! A womanĂs proportion was the same as a manĂs, and that wasnĂt small! They had meat, milk, a vegetable, and a dessert for every meal. After every meal, they would take their metal trays to a garbage pail, which was filled with water, and rinse them off.

Trudie served for three years in the war, and afterwards she didnĂt slow down. After the war, she prepared lessons for the military in the field of mathematics. She also worked as a teacher for GIĂs and military dependent children stationed in Korea. Now Trudie is a retired teacher from Kentucky and considered a hero by many people!

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