By BiBi J.
Grade 10, Illinois
Country of Origin: Puerto Rico

My Story about My Life I m going to talk about coming to U.S. the I will discuss my background information. Last I will explain how I feel living in the U.S. I am 16 year old. I am from Puerto Rico. I like the school because I want to finish the H.S. I want to go to college and get a job. I like to sleep and watched TV. I like to listen music and dance. I have lot of friends. I like to eat and play on the computer. I come to U.S. on November 15 2001. In the airplane it took 4 hours to come to Chicago. I came a lone and my father came to pick me up at the airport. We go to see my grandmother. I live with my grandmother and I go to my father house every week. I like Chicago. I like Chicago. I am learning English it is hot difficult to learning English if you study, you can learn English. I want to go to Puerto Rico for vacation in summer see my family. When I finish to study and finish career and get job. I going to get marry and have children and house and be happy with my family.

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