By Boluda  J.
Grade 10, Illinois
Country of Origin: Puerto Rico

My life experience This story is about my life. I will give information about my background information. Next I will give information about coming to the U.S. last I will give information about living in the U.S. IĈm a real nice person .IĈm a real interesting girl. Also IĈm honest and I talk a little loud, but IĈm still the same person. IĈm from P.R, and IĈm a pretty Puerto Rican girl. I like to play volleyball and run. My favorite food is spaghetti. I like Italian food, especially pasta. In my future I will like to be a nurse or a Doctor. IĈm 15 years old and pretty soon I will be 16.I have a boyfriend and his name is Juan and heĈs also 15years old. HeĈs an important part of my life. The important thing about me is that I have a big heart. When I came to Chicago I was 13 years old. I was real sad to leave my friends and family in P.R. I came to Chicago on April 9. The reason I came here was, because my mom wants me to live with her. I came here by airplane and the trip takes 4 hours. It was a real nice travel, but I was really tired. The airport was too packs of people. I came to Chicago with my mom and my stepfather. I was real sad and the only thing I bring from P.R was my teddy bear. IĈm real happy to live here, because it is a lot better. Here in the U.S the education and the economy is better than P.R. I have been here for 2 years. I feel a lot better than when I came the first time. I lived here with with my mother and brothers and sisters. I like the summer here and also the school. Learning English is pretty hard. I think IĈm going too stayed for the rest of my life. If one day moves I will life in N.Y.

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