By boricua m.
Grade 10, Illinois
Country of Origin: Puerto Rico

NEW LIFE IN THE U.S This oral history will talk about my life. I put my back ground information. Then I will describe my experience coming to the U.S. Finally I will talk about my life living in the U.S. My name is Boricua. Im 18 years old. I was born in Chicago. I speak Spanish and little English. My dreams are finish high school and have a good girl in my life. I like to play basketball and go around with my friend. I came to the U.S to have a better life. I got here by airplane on April 30, 2003. My trip was so easy to come to the U.S I was only 16 years old went I came to the U.S with my family. Went I came to the U.S I felt scared because I didnt want to leave my family in my country. I like living in the U.S. I like the food they making in the U.S. I am studying English in High School. Now I feel very good living in the U.S, but I miss my family, my country, and my friend. Maybe one day I will return back to my country.

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