By Ramon R.
Grade 10, Illinois
Country of Origin: Mexico

This oral history is about me , IÆm going to talk about my background information, coming to the US, and living in the US. IÆm 16 years old; IÆm from Acapulco, Gro. I like the American food and I like to play soccer. I speak Spanish and a little English. My family likes to live in the US. On September 3, 2001 my sister and I came by airplane, when I came to the US. When I came the trip was hard because we were crossing to the US with the paper of other people. During the trip I was looking at a picture of my parents, and I was thinking about how my father was. I wondered if he was sick or if he was better. I like to be in the US with my family. Now I have two years living with my parents. In the school all the teachers are very nice. They show us how to learn English easier. The things that I donÆt like the snow and the winter, because it is too cold. ThatÆs one of the big differences from my country and the US. Other differences are the summer. IN the future I like to graduate of the college. In the future I like to have a grate work and have a better life with my family.

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