By jo j.
Grade 10, Illinois
Country of Origin: Mexico

New life in a better place This oral history is about my life. First IÆm going to write a autobiography about myself . I also going to put background information ,experience coming to the united states . finally IÆll discuss my life living in the u.s. Background information: I am 15 years old. I was born in Mexico. I speak Spanish and some English. I am from Mexico and I have two brothers. I like to play soccer and I like all kinds of food. My mom is Mexican, but my dad is Puerto Rican , but they are friendly with everyone. I also like to ear money .I donÆt have a job , but my mom gives me money and I earn them. Experience coming to the u.s. I left my country in June of 2000 , and arrived in California. My trip was very long and boring. I came by airplane and we took a bus from benzon to phoenix. Then we were in phoenix for over 6hr waiting for the bus that goes to California. Later on June 21st we arrived in California. First we went to mc æ Donalds be cause we were hungry. One month later I studied at middle school john Adams. I studied there for over one year. I had lot friends from different countries. When we arrived in California we didnÆt have any problem coming. When I came to Chicago t was cold because it was winter. I came in November to my sisterÆs house. One year later I graduate from elementary and began H.S. Living in the u.s. I feel better because I have a lot of friends in the H.S. I like that I live near my friendÆs houses. I lived for 4years in Chicago. All my family is together. I like the malls and I like the shoes. In summer it is very hot, but in winter it is too cold. I study English and IÆll learn French next year. It was a little hard to learn English, but I learned. For the future I would like to be in the u.s. army, because my brother Cesar is there , and because I also want that my parents will be proud of me as my brother as Cesar.

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