Grade 12, Illinois
Country of Origin: Panama

THE WAY OF MY LIFE IĈm going to talk about my life. First IĈm going to talk about my life in Panama. Then IĈm going to write about my travel to the U.S. Last I will discuss my life in U.S. My name is Jaddy. I was born on November 6, 1984 in Puerto Armuelles, Chiriqui, Panama. I was 3 months old when my family moved to Santiago, Veraguas, Panama. After they moved to Juan Gil. I was 5 years old when my family moved to San Miguelito, Panama. That was terrible, because the General Manuel Antonio Noriega was in command. He had the power of Panama, he was in drugs and he was bad with the people. The United States did not like him. It was a late night on December 20, 1989 when the first bomb impacted Panama City. We were sad and scared, I was a little kid. I canĈt believe that. I saw soldiers every where. Behind our house was an old house and some of the NoriegaĈs people took the home. The white U.S soldiers couldnĈt take them. One helicopter talked by a microphone to my neighborhood. I was a child, but I remember those words. ô People if you are helping our enemies we going to throw a bomb. DonĈt help our enemies if you want to stay aliveö. I am here because that was a miracle and the people left the home. I remember my best friend she was Stephanie. I go to remember her for the rest of my life. San Miguelito was terrible about the little war. But that was my childhood. I when to my first years of school. The school was called Republic Federal of Germany. After one year my family moved to La Pintada, Cocle , Panama. I was not sad. I donĈt why. I was happy because I was going to meet new people and news friends. I went to another school, Jose Nadal Silva. I met a lot news friends, I had fun with them. I played a lot with them that was May first part of my life. I remember them, because they were good friends. After 4 years we had to move. I was sad this time. We moved to Santiago, Veraguas , Panama. That was a good city. I went to another school. I met news friends my school was San Martin de Porres when I graduated from that school. I went to Belisario Villar Perez I met news friends when I graduated from that school I went to Instituto Urraca. I started to study science. That was very hard, because the classes to be a doctor were hard. I remember my school, because I had good friends. When my mother what we had to move again. I felt sad and happy, sad because I have to leave my friends, and happy because it was United States the country of my dreams. Before we come here we lived in La Chorrera for 6 months. I had to move to U. S because my parents are volunteers of a church and they send them to the U.S. That was a Sunday in the morning on April 22, 2001 I said bye to my friends and get into the car with my family. They drove to the airport International of Tocumen. We took the airplane to Miami, Florida U.S. I felt happy, sad, nervous, crazy, because I was going to have better life. That travel was for two hours, then we stopped in Miami. We stayed in Miami for one week and then we come to Chicago by car. That was a long travel. We drove for three days, that travel was interesting and boring. I was so tired when I come to Chicago. My life in Chicago is not good, my first high school was Orr H.S . I had a lot of problems, because I did not know English. Orr did not have bilingual program, so they changed me to Wildcat H.S. Now IĈm studying at Wildcat. I had my first job, I had my own money and I bought my car . I lose my job because someone tried to kill me ,I donĈt know why, I mean I know but is long story. That is why I feel bad, sad, etc, but I feel good because I have friends here. They are very good friends. I like the weather here, I like everything. Chicago is cool to live. IĈm happy in Chicago. In Chicago I have my best friend, she is 14 years old . We are very good friends, her name is Alexis Noemi. I met her because I knew her brother . I going to remember her, she is cool and special. I have more friends, good friends, but she is important for my life because she help me with my problems, and she tried to understand me. My school, my job, my friends, I love Chicago . I know when I have to leave this City one day. That going to be hard for me, but IĈm going to remember everything, including my teachers and all my friends. Every day I learn something new. I do not feel good because I have problems in my life but my friends make me happy. They smile to me and I have to smile too. Thanks for everything FRIENDS.

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