By Michael D.
Grade 6, Arizona

The Horse Cavalry Division

Not everyone rode horses in World War II, but my great grandpa did, in the Cavalry Division in troop C of the Ace Cavalry in Fort Bliss, El Paso, Texas. He would clean the horses and he wold ride them in parades and transfer food and ammo. He would clean the horses all day for hours on end.

He transferred to Fort Benning, Georgia in 1942. Sergeant Dimas was prepping for the paratroopers. He spent half of his training in the swamps of Louisiana. On one of his jumps, he injured his right leg. He got shipped to White Sulfur Springs,
West Virginia to a military hospital. A couple days later he was charged with a medical discharge, which ended his career with the paratroopers and everything else.

And that man still lives today. My great Grandpa was 25 years old in 1939 He is 83 years old today.

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