By April A.
Grade 10, Illinois
Country of Origin: Puerto Rico

In this project I am going to talk about background information about my life. Then I am going to give some information about my experience coming to the U.S. Last I am going to talk about living in the U.S. My name is april. I was born on Feb. 23, 1988.I is 16 years old and I like pizza. I am a student. My favorite hobbies are watching TV. , sleep, studies, and eat. My native language is Spanish. I am from Puerto Rico and I have two sisters. My older sister her name is May and she have 22 years old, and my other sister name is Emyly and she have 18 years old. My mother name is Mary . My Father lives in Puerto Rico, and his name is Carlos . On Sep. 30, 2002.I came to the U.S. When I got here I travel by airplane. The trip takes 5 hours. I was sad and mad, because I had to leave my country, family, and friends. The trip has good, easy, and fast. The people on the trip were friendly. I came with my mother and sister. I came to finish my high school and have treatment for my condition Lupus. This treatment in Puerto Rico is not good like here. In Puerto Rico the medication and the hospital are not good for the people like here. Here you gat more attention in the hospital that in Puerto Rico. ThatĘs why I came here with my mother and sister. I am happy living here in the U.S., because I have new friends. I have living here in the U.S. for 1 + years. I live with my mother, sisters, and stepfather. The weather is hot and cold. I like the school and the stores. To learn English was not easy for me. May by I am going back to my country to finish my high school and colleges, because I have some economics problems here. In my future I will study cosmetology and art. My dream is be professional cosmetology in my future. May be if a donĘt study thatĘs I going to study nurse. These are my dreams for my future.

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