By Raymond W.
Grade 5, Maryland

Hi my name is Raymond, and IĂm going to going to interview my mom Mrs. W or Ms. C. Well IĂm going to start by saying that I made her stomach lumpy when she was pregnant. Okay that was the past a long time ago. Now the interview starts Sunday at 10:05p.m., or something like that. I took my backpack, and dragged it to the kitchen, where she was peeling the grapes for me and ˘Jackie÷ too eat. ThatĂs whatĂs she always does. I took out my planer where my interview questions are. She said, ˘are you doing your homework right now,÷ in a loud voice. I said, ˘ItĂs my interview question and itĂs my homework, IĂm suppose to do it.÷ ˘Okay, first eat some grapes and tell Jackie to eat some too÷. Alright, back to the interview. ˘Okay, what is your full name? ˘Kuk Lan Chan W÷. ˘When were you born, and where?÷ She said ˘born in 1962 in China, Kandong÷. ˘Also how old were you when you immigrated here, and what year?÷ I was ˘27 and it was 1989,÷ why did you come here, ˘ because of dad ask him okay. Dad why did you come here? ˘ItĂs because I want my kids to learn English, and they said, ˘ it is a better place here÷. ˘Yup,÷ thatĂs a good reason. ˘Umm dad why didnĂt my uncle, cousin, and etc. come?÷ ItĂs because me and mom can register but the others canĂt, they didnĂt went to school back then, and grandma and grandpa came because of mommy, register. Oh! ˘Back to mommy.÷ What was it like when you came here? ˘Horrible!÷ It was a 10hr. trip no food and cheap. Oh! And their were more question but it anĂt important. The special thing she brings is a marble statue of the lady god called, [gu-yumn] and that is the end. THE END

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