By Fuadi H.
Grade 5, Maryland

Oral History by Fuadi H Pearl was born in Ghana. She came to the U.S.A in August 2000 and she was 9 years old she was in born May 1992, and she came to America because her family was here. Her mom and dad had to sand her lots of money for her pass port she came here with her brother. They came here with an airplane particulars were in the plane for 12 hour .when she came here she was sacred and the first impression was the big biulding.Here country is different because some part are nice and some are not .Here favorite food is pizza and chicken Pearl did not escape she came here to live with her family she said there was no war at her country she also said her country is beautiful vegetables and oranges there are no different animals it is very hot her country. By Fuadi H

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