By Dana L.
Grade 5, Maryland

HOW MY MOM IMMIGRATED My momĂs name is Elsy. She was born in Honduras. She was very happy when she came to America because she was in a new place. She came in 1982. She was 13 when she came here. My mom said ˘It was difficult coming ˘. My mom came with my grandma. She came by bus. She was excited to be where sheĂs never been before. My mom said ˘That it was different because ladies had more privileges ˘. All my mom brought was pictures of her sisters. My mom likes to eat sea food and she doesnĂt miss her countryĂs food. She did not have to escape. There has not been war. She thinks her country is beautiful. They have lots of fruits and vegetable. She said÷ ItĂs always in the 60Ăs and 80Ăs. And thatĂs

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