By Kelly G.
Grade 5, Maryland
Country of Origin: Peru

Isabel T.was born in Lima, Peru She was born on February 13, 1959. She came to America March 13, 2000. Isabel T.was 39 years old when she immigrated. Isabel T came to America because the schools for her daughters were good. Her experience was good because it is a country that is more organized. It was not difficult for my mom to immigrate to the U.S.A because she had her VISA to come here. Isabel T.came to the U.S by a airplane. Isabel T.came to the U.S with her two daughters, Katherine T.and Kelly T. Her impression when she first arrived was excited, also because the country was beautiful and very clean. When my mom said ˘I felt excited when I first arrivedĂĂ, I felt very scared, because it was a different country for me in many ways. My mom said that her country and the U.S are very different because the U.S is more organized and clean but in Peru it is not much of a clean place. The two special objects my mom brought with her were her two daughters. Her favorite food is chicken with rice. The food from her country that she Misses is fruits that only sell Peru.For an example the ciruela and meat that only sell in Peru also. Isabel T. did not have to escape from her country. Isabel T. has not been in a war when she was alive. She says that her country is very, very beautiful because it has a lot of resources includingĂĂMachu PichuĂĂand many more. The kind of fruits and vegetables that grow in her country are different kind. The animals that Isabel T. doesnĂt see here in the U.S is the anaconda, pira▒a,Condo, llama and Bicu▒a. The weather in Peru is like if it is winter here it is Summer in Peru. Also that it does not snow in the capital of Peru, but it only snows in the east of Peru.

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