By Fiorela G.
Grade 5, Maryland

HiÓ name is Fiorela and in this story I will tell you some things that I didnĂt know before but now I do because my mom told me how it was when she immigrated to the United States .I was with her but I didnĂt remember until now. How my mom came to the United States and other information My momĂs name is Milagritos in Lima, Peru [thatĂs where my mom is from]. My mom immigrated to the United States. She was about 30 years old when she arrived, she thought it was an ˘unforgettable÷ experience when she arrived to the U.S.A and if IĂm sure I think it was about 2 + years ago when she first arrived. My mom said that she came with my sister Gabi and my two brothers Diego and Piero and me Fiorela , for new opportunities, like for a better future for my brothers and my sister and me so when we grow up we can be good workers and so we can make good money . It wasnĂt difficult for us to come to the United States because my dad Percy was already here a year before us so when we came we had a place to live, so my dad helped my mom to get our VISAS; it wasnĂt easy but we got it. Good thing that we came in a plane because if we gotten in a boat it would taken longer than what we would have expected. We all came together; I think that it was hard for my mom to be with all of us. My mom felt ˘goodĂĂand ˘happy÷. When she first arrived she said she brought some thing special and I asked her what was it and she said it was her ˘family÷. My mom thinks that her country is very beautiful in different ways like the food is different and the best thing she likes is ˘Tortas con chantiyiĂĂ, another thing that is different is the weather, the weather is mostly warm, not cold like here, and my mom said that sometimes it rains it some times cold but not as it is here. The fruits and vegetables are different too because some of them donĂt grow here like the Ciruela, Platano de Isla and the Lucume .Some of the animals are not here like the Llama and the Pira▒a and much more . She that said because countries are different in many different ways. And thatĂs how my mom came to the United States and other information.

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