By Alejandra  R.
Grade 5, Maryland
Country of Origin: Bolivia

Do you want to know how my mom entered the United States? My momĂs name is Patricia R. She emigrated from Santa Cruz, Bolivia, and she was born there also. She came here on December 4, 2004, for better ˘JOBS÷. She was 29 years old when she immigrated. She said that it was really easy to immigrate, because she had all her papers as Visa and all the other ˘Important÷ papers. And got here by plane. She traveled along with my dad, ˘Rolando R.÷.She said she felt sad for leaving me and my little sister in Bolivia, but excited at the same time. She brought some special objects with her like for example: some spanish books and pictures from her friends and family. Her favorite food is ajf de lengua, a spanish dish. She also said that they grow different fruits in her country like for example: mangos, tangerines, papayas, and much more. And also different kinds of animals like for example: spider monkey, falcons and more. My mom said ˘the weather in my country, or at least were I used to live was really hot most of the year. And thatĂs how my mom immigrated. The End

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