By Bobby P.
Grade 6, Arizona

This is Carol PeckÆs story during World War II. She lived in Great Falls, Montana. During the war, she moved to Seattle, Washington. Almost all of her friends and family went to war. She had three brothers and they went to war.

Almost all delightful foods were rationed. You could not get butter, meat, or gasoline without a ration ticket. Even with a ration ticket you could not get very much. This was because they could not export and import food for youÆre your country and others. Hitler and his U-boats would sink the ships.

You could not let any light come from inside. To do this, you hung blackout curtains on every window. Someone came around at night to make sure there was no light coming from inside. They took this precaution, so that enemyÆs planes could not tell that there was a city beneath them.

In Seattle, the buildings were extremely camouflaged. You could not even tell it was a building, from the air. They did this because they did not want enemy planes to know where their city was.

There was not much to do for fun. So this is what she did: She played cards, talked to people who had not left for the war. She also got to see relatives who came from the East Coast on ships. They came because they were in the Navy.

Carol thinks that war is a horrible thing. She also thinks that we did the right thing. From what I heard I think the same.

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