By Michael  G.
Grade 12, Arizona

How many do you know of that have a bad addiction to smoking cigarettes? How many people do you know who were addicted, but stopped? There are many people who are addicted to smoking, today. Of course, there are many people who encourage these smokers into quitting. But are we giving enough effort or reason? In a March- 2004 fact sheet #2(, statistics showed half of all teenagers who are smoking will die from diseases caused by tobacco if they continue to smoke. Health would be a good reason why smokers should stop smoking. Smokers think cigarettes are good for the body because it relaxes and makes them feel good. But there are dangers in smoking for the body. Smoking can cause various lung cancers and can produce factors that lead to asthma. There are many ways the body can be harmed from smoking cigarettes such as muscle pain, neck pain, hearing loss, and so much more. Smoking can also hurt the mouth. Smoking cigarettes can have major effects to the mouth, as well as to the body. Cigarettes can produce diseases in the mouth, such as gingivitis. Gingivitis is a disease, which occurs in the mouth and damages teeth. Smoking also stains teeth. Smokers have increased risk of lip, lung, and throat cancer. The smokers feel there is no other way to be satisfied and feel itĂs too hard to quit. The fact sheet#2 stated that people are addicted to nicotine inside the tobacco which causes the smokers to feel ˘light headed.Ă The truth is, smokers, there are many other ways you can be satisfied with life. Other people may think that if they donĂt smoke theyĂll get fat. When a person quits smoking and starts gaining the metabolism changes in response to life without nicotine. To keep from getting fat smokers can join fitness clubs, sports, or workout at home to stay in shape. Another good reason for smokers to stop smoking is because smoking hurts our environment. Smoking tobacco is another form of a pollutant. Just like buildings and motor vehicles, smoking tobacco causes pollution in the air. This pollutant can cause plants and animals to die, as well as people. The smoke sent to the air can cause other people to have cancer, as well as the smoker his/her self. A study in the year 1997-8 showed that environmental tobacco smoke not only causes cancer, but also is also responsible for approximately 50,000 deaths each year. Tobacco not only hurts our environment physically, but also economically. Money is spent not only towards buying tobacco, but also is used for advertising tobacco and creating it. DonĂt you think this money can be used for a better cause? Cigarette smoking also can affect a persons work performance as well as their work environment. Even though cigarettes arenĂt too different from marijuana, it can also slow the role of memory. While a person can be ˘light headed÷ he/she would think work is easier, but it just makes work more complicated. For example: a employer working for Mc DonaldĂs smokes a cigarette for their work break and goes back to work. Unknowingly, the worker spread pollutant in his/her work environment. This situation not only affected the environment, but also other peoplesĂ heath, too. Smoking can also make a person look bad in many ways. Non- smokers donĂt like the smell of tobacco, in other words ˘tobacco breath÷. When people go places for food or anywhere else IĂm sure theyĂd like to be in a clean environment and get service from people who smell and look nice. In conclusion, smoking cigarettes is responsible for approximately 50,000 peoples deaths each year. Half of all teens that smoke will die from diseases caused from smoking. IĂm persuading all of the smokers generally to quit the butts in reasons of damaged health, environment, and work surroundings.

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