By Eric B.
Grade 6, Arizona

Gerda and her Family

It was a sunny day in Hanau, Germany. Gerda thought it was a normal day but it wasnÆt. That day, GerdaÆs dad would be drafted into the German army. Gerda was 9 when the war started in 1939. She lived with her mom, Elizabeth, and her dad, Edward. She was an only child. She was a normal German kid.

When her dad got drafted, it was just her and her mom. When a Jewish family got taken away, her mom and many other people would go to their house and take all the items they could. It was not against the law! One time, an American MP stopped her with a basket of goods! Not knowing it was not against the law, he stopped her and tolled her to put it back. But she went back later and got the basket! Her dad got shot in the leg and got out of the war early. He was not able to do much, so she had to do more to help him.

She knew one Jewish family, the Raliphids. She knew their son. They where neighbors. Gerda and her family would keep the Railphids a secret from the Nazis. One time the Nazis where going to search their house but they didnÆt, because her dad had filled out a packet of papers. They lived in Germany, so it was harder to get Jews out.

When they where playing they had to be ready for an air raid, and be ready to run inside. The war made it harder to live in Germany. With
Concentration camps everywhere, and air raids all the time. It made it impossible to be a kid during the war.

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