By Sarah C.
Grade 6, Arizona

World War II Memories

Paul and Bertha Butler were WWII veterans at heart. Paul was not drafted, but he signed up at the age of 17, he hadn't even graduated from high school yet, but he did finish his junior (11 grade) year of high school and got his diploma during the war. The reason why he was not drafted was because his brother Ted Butler had already been drafted and at that time, it was a law that 2 brothers could not be drafted, one had to sign up.

My Grandma Bertha said she was about 18 years old in1943 and was in her senior year of high school. She worked for Atlantic Refining Company, which at the time was being run by women. Before the war started, the company was run by men. They made supplies for men in the service. Paul and Bertha had known each other since the 3rd grade and did not marry until after the war ended.

The saddest moment for Bertha was when the other women received telegrams saying that their husbands had been either missing in action or killed! This would happen daily! Paul worked for a company that fixed fighter planes - he fixed F-6U's and F-4U's. His most terrifying moment was when he had to release a torpedo bomb and he made a direct hit.

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