By *Danyelle* D.
Grade 7, Pennsylvania

It was my great uncle's (Harold Harrison) decision to go off to war. He enlisted and became part of the Navy, stationed in the South Pacific. His job was a gunner, which paid $72 a month. He was ranked 1st class seaman and ate mainly beans, ˘Beans for breakfast, beans for lunch, beans for dinner, beans, beans, beans!÷ Harold said. He was eighteen at the time he joined. He was seventeen when the war actually began. He worked hard in the Navy and was decorated with Šcampaign barsĂ after each battle. Harold was introduced to a young woman named Millie (my great aunt)when her brother brought him home on leave. The fear of never seeing his family again when his ship, an AK17, sank and he was lost at sea for four days before being rescued, scared him very much. Harold says if he could go back in time knowing what he knows now he would fight for our country again!

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