By Samuel V.
Grade 6, Arizona

This story was told by Marion McDonald. She was born on September 26, 1914 in Phoenix, Arizona. She was living in Idaho when the war first broke out. Then she came to Mesa Williams Field Base. She was 24 or 25 at this time. She worked at Phoenix Post exchange on base. Everyone was given ration stamps for gasoline and food.

She said that there were always soldiers from the service that asked her for a ride to Phoenix in her car. She only got to visit her mother on weekends. Lots of people were coming from different states and even from England just to learn how to fly planes! Husbands and wives were separated.
Desert training only let people have small amounts of water. Her cousin got shipped out in the summer for training. Then they went back to Idaho. Her brother became a Coast Guard Member in San Francisco.
When the bomb was dropped on Pearl Harbor it was very bad she said. It was dropped on a Sunday about at 6:00 p.m. When they heard about it, people were shipped out to Pearl Harbor.
This brought everyone closer to knowing that life is short.

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