By Emily F.
Grade 7, Pennsylvania

I interviewed my Grandfather and he was involved in the war. He worker in a medical hospital for injured people of the war. He liked his job very much because he could help people. He had a very good time at the hospital. He had many people that worked with him that became his friends. He had a lot of fun in the war also. He told me that one day when they had nothing else to do someone from the navy asked them if they wanted to take a glider ride. My Grandfather and some of the other people there said yes. When my Grandfather was in teh air he was fine but the all of a sudden the string connecting the airplane and the glider broke apart. He was scared at first but then after a whie he found it very fun and very enjoyable. He said that it was very quit and very beautiful. He told me that the scenery was so beautiful because they were flying over the Unoted States and there was nothing around them. My Grandfather had a great time!

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