By Roberto S.
Grade 6, Arizona

World War II

It started out as a peaceful day and ended up as millions of people joining the military. One of those millions of people was Ernesto Sanchez, born in Pima, Arizona in 1920. He joined air force 30 in 1942 January 22 at the age of 21. He was in the countries of England, Great Britain, and Germany.
He was an armor gunner. An armor gunner is like the captain, and if any of the guns lock up he would have to unlock them. He said it was exciting and scary but scarier then exciting.
One of the things he remembered was the Invasion of France. The happiest memory he had is when he left to the United States. The saddest memory he had was when he couldnĘt get home, and his parents did not know where he was. The war changed his life by making a lot of friends, and seeing different countries.

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